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Negative Ion Technology

HealthClothTM Negative Ion Personal Care, Home & Office Health Products will improve the health of users through the use of Negative Ion Technology – a well-researched, well-documented, completely natural process.

Ions are all around us. They’re electrically charged atoms, carrying either a positive or negative charge. Negative ions are required to sustain life.  When humans lack access to negative ions, body chemistry changes – changes that lead to bouts of depression, physical fatigue and anxiety.  In his research report called The Power of Negative Ion Science, Clifton Jolley, Ph. D., states, “It is the negative ions that bring us health benefits, creating a sustained “feel good factor” as they increase our capacity to use oxygen, raise levels of alertness and increase concentration.”

HealthClothTM employs Negative Ion Technology to help wearers:

Decades of research into the health benefits of negative ions have produced a list of beneficial results:

What’s an ion?

The chair you’re sitting in is made of atoms.  So is the computer screen and everything you see around you. Atoms are the basic building blocks of every “thing” – from human beings to rocks.

Now, you may remember from chemistry class that atoms can lose or gain electrons.  They can also bond with other atoms to create molecules.  (Don’t worry, this isn’t chemistry 101 – just a little background) Water, H20, is a molecule made up of two hydrogen atoms – that’s the H2 part – and one oxygen atom, the O part of H2O.

Ions are nothing more than atoms that have an electrical charge, either positive or negative.  Atoms are always losing and picking up electrons – sub-atomic (smaller than an atom) bits that whirl around the core of  an atom, which is  called the nucleus.


This is an atom. The red sphere in the center is the nucleus. The bits whirling around the nucleus are called electrons.

This is a molecule made up of several, different types of atoms represented by the different colored spheres.

Ions become electrically charged – either positive or negative – when they lose or pick up an electron. Gain an electron and they become cation. Lose an electron and they become an anion.  Confused?  Well don’t be.  Just remember that ions can carry a positive or negative electrical charge.

Negative ions are created all of the time in nature. When a bolt of lighting slices through the air, it creates negative ions. So does a waterfall. As the water mists in falling, it loses an electron, creating that fresh, ozone smell.

Even waves at the beach can create negative ions. As each wave crashes against the shore, electrons are lost in the process. So, there’s nothing unusual about negative ions. They’re simply electrically charged particles floating through the air.

Now, negative ions may not be unusual, but HealthClothTM Negative Ion Personal Care, Home & Office Products are.  Numerous studies have shown that negative ions have a positive effect on good health and even aging.

The tests are there. The effects documented.

Irrefutable Scientific Documentation

An article in The New York Times on seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition in which people become depressed and lethargic during the gloomy winter months, positively stated the effects of negative ions on improving mood.

“…sitting in front of a machine that emits negative ions at a high rate for 30 minutes every morning was as effective as sitting in front of a light box for the same time.”

In other words, according to the Times report, negative ion therapy improved mood and lessened the depressive effects of SAD.

The science behind negative ion therapy hypothesizes that once the negative ions reach the bloodstream through the lungs, they cause an increase in a body chemical called serotonin – proven to increase energy and stamina levels, to alleviate stress, to improve focus and to lessen the impact of depression.

Impartial studies conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) showed that a high concentration of negative ions cuts dust levels by as much as 50%.  The same USDA study showed a 95% decrease in air-borne bacteria when negative ions were released into the air.

In another study, this one conducted in a hospital in the UK, ionizers (machines that produce negative ions) “dramatically reduced the incidence of infections from [a] resistant hospital bug…in the ITU unit…” (Jolley, The Power of Negative Ion Science)

Negative Ionization Changes Body Chemistry

From the same study, “High levels of negative ions are found at the beach, in the mountains, the country, pine forests, near waterfalls and many other places people enjoy – places people…go to be refreshed and renewed. The air in these places creates an effect on human biochemistry.” (Jolley)

We’re all familiar with the rejuvenating effects of clean, fresh air.  Even when you simply open a window, that fresh air makes you feel better all over. Why? A burst of negative ions and the subsequent release of the neuro-hormone, serotonin, produces a “good-all-over” feeling.  The scientific proof is out there. And, your own experience demonstrates that the technology does, indeed, deliver improved health.